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Johan Bové

Rendering Webmentions using Client Side JavaScript · Jamie Tanna | Software (Quality) Engineer

Did the same thing, using my own code, to render webmentions on my home page website since it doesn't do any server-side rendering - it's pure HTML with SSI (Apache2) server-side includes.

Johan Bové

This is exactly the reason why my personal homepage is pure html which is served as shtml through Apache server side includes (ssi). Easy to set up, even locally, and most web host support it without further configuration, except for a flag in htaccess.

Johan Bové

That is some sound advice! The coolest new technologies I learned about are web sign-in, webmentions and microsub & micropub. It's really cool how I can use - essentially - my own domain name, a server and any editor or reader client to passively and actively participate online 🌐

Johan Bové

by Aaron Parecki is a very good client - using it is really simple - especially with a Known server as micropub endpoint and the interface is clean and well - polished. It even has email-to-publish functionality!

Johan Bové

Yeah, I totally get that not everyone would have the patience to go though that same process. I have been using Indigenous on IOS which worked actually good for a while, but since a couple of days, the likes I create with the app are not being published to my site - at least they don’t show up in Known. Not sure how to debug. I still need to check the server logs of my site. Posting status updates still work. Will also check the DB of Known to see if it might be a rendering bug. Thanks for reply anyway!

Johan Bové

app on iOS has stopped sending likes and bookmarks to Known. Probably will need to re-authenticate? Haven’t checked server logs yet. Writing this in the streamreader

Johan Bové

for who test their work with Google's : If you're on a corporate network, your Lighthouse test results will probably be completely influenced by the network's proxy server. So if you have access to an open wifi, then connect through that and re-run your tests. You'll be much happier with the results 😅

Johan Bové

Known Questions

1 min read

These are some questions I have about my Known server instance.

Q1. Redis Support?

My web host supports Redis. Anyone know if there is a plugin for Known which activates Redis cache? Does it make sense to activate Redis for a single-user Known site?

Q2. AsynchronousQueue on a shared web host without sudo access?

Also, I'm on a shared web host where I have access to a limited SSH access, without sudo; how can I set up Known cron for the AsynchronousQueue event queue?

Q3. Which PHP 7.3 Extensions should be active?

Which PHP (7.3) extensions should be active for a Known server instance? See my list here in the screenshot below:

screenshot of active PHP 7.3 extensions


Q4. RESOLVED - How can I get the Twitter POSSE plugin working? 

I currently need to manually mention the publish webmention endpoints to repost my posts and status updates. The Twitter plugin by Known doesn't work on my server. Suspecting an outdated dependency on the tmhOAuh PHP library. Would be awesome if I can get that to work.

Resolution: update the tmhOAuth plugin and cacert.pem certificate.

Q5. Tagging with Known input forms is missing the dedicated tags field

Check why.

To be continued...

Johan Bové

@Cambridgeport90 Welcome to the ! Your site looks great. I personally went for Known on an Apache server with MySQL DB. Knowns works fine, but has its quirks. So your choice for using Wordpress is a sane decision. I am however trying to help out the Known open-source project to resolve some issues; slowly, but steadily.


Johan Bové