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Johan Bové

Wrote to Web support regarding getting WhatsApp Web on the powered 8110 4G:

Hello Dear WhatsApp for KaiOS Developers!

Thank you first of all for your efforts and trouble making WhatsApp
available on the Nokia 8110 4G! It's amazing how capable a device like
this little phone can be
On the other hand however I am missing gravely the integration of
WhatsApp Web with the phone, especially since the keyboard and text
input experience is somewhat... bad.
Something I don't really understand as the hardware is there. The phone
has a capable camera to read the QR code.
So I was wondering, what's the holdup to release this SUPER DUPER useful
feature in the next release of WhatsApp for KaiOS?

Thanks for listening en keep on rocking!


Johan from Düsseldorf, Germany

aka @johanbove on Twitter`

Johan Bové

The battery in my new G7 Play is expanding! It’s visible because the plastic back cover is being pushed outwards. There is also a strong smell of a gluelike substance. Going to have to bring the device in for warranty. The service will take at least ten days to finish and return the phone to me. Disappointed.