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Since November 2016, I work as a Front-end developer and senior Web Consultant at Deloitte Digital in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Current interests: IndieWeb, Vue.js, SOLID, RDF, Linked Data, decentralization, …

I am happily married to Erica. We are the parents of a wonderful little boy, Nathan.

I bike to work whenever I can, even when it rains.

I love to study new stuff. I like sci-fi movies and books and read mostly non-fictional literature.


Gave up on integrating the plugin for my site, even-though I solved the previous with it after correctly setting the URL. For some reason, not shown in the error logs, my Web host does not seem to be able to send the oAuth connect requests. It fails with this error message "'Your Twitter credentials could not be saved." and the code ``0``, which means the *tmhOAuth* library could not connect to 's API. Sticking with for now. Additionally, the tmhOAuth library does not seem very much maintained anymore. It's last release was in February 2013.


Got my first "stars" and "retweets" from a post written on and syndicated to the "silo". Very exciting to have official joined the . The whole process feels like magic thanks to (


I've changed the permalink structure to the highest granularity on my instance: ``/:year/:month/:day/:slug ``. Will add redirects using to deal with existing Twitter posts.


Too bad that , to link your personal website, only has a single profile field which renders the URL including the `rel="me"`attribute to use for Web Sign In. Wishing I could add an identity site and additionally my social posting site. - -