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Johan Bové

Having fun in looking up semi-random things as it if was and it's really cool how many "hits" it comes back with. It's mind-blowing that all that information is already on my machine thanks to the magic that is.

Johan Bové

I dream of a Digital World without passwords

1 min read

In a perfect World I would be able to access all my digital assets without having to enter a password or even authenticate manually.

One of the best parts of is the fact I only need a secret key file to access my content. The file is literally my access key to all my own SSB stuff.

No need to remember any crazy character combination or even having to register for an email account. I have an SSB and a secret and that’s all that should be necessary.

Having said that, being able to restore my account on with the “recovery phrase” does make sense since mobile operating system have terrible file access management.

Thank you dear community to make this dream become a little more reality.

ps. Since I can authenticate to my PC with my own face (Windows Hello), I really do not need to enter login and password to jump right into Patchwork.