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Since November 2016, I work as a Front-end developer and senior Web Consultant at Deloitte Digital in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Current interests: IndieWeb, Vue.js, SOLID, RDF, Linked Data, decentralization, …

I am happily married to Erica. We are the parents of a wonderful little boy, Nathan.

I bike to work whenever I can, even when it rains.

I love to study new stuff. I like sci-fi movies and books and read mostly non-fictional literature.


Finally got to try out implementing the / / example Chat application. Built it with classic (for now) and got it running on a local Raspberry Pi, including nginx reverse proxy. Still lots of details to take care of, but it's fun how fast you can build something useful - albeit insecure - in a couple of concentrated hours.
Example source here:


Got a Pi 3 b+ today!
Finally got the device and I'm setting it up as a home . Going to set up and use it as a Bluetooth-to-internet gateway. Installed firstly Raspbian and got the ssh access working. - -