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Johan Bové

@geonz cf. the tag. I can totally imagine the confusion with my reply. The [POSSE]( integration with Twitter from my site is not working 100% and my reply to [Greg's post]( got lost in the process.

Johan Bové

Known Questions

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These are some questions I have about my Known server instance.

Q1. Redis Support?

My web host supports Redis. Anyone know if there is a plugin for Known which activates Redis cache? Does it make sense to activate Redis for a single-user Known site?

Q2. AsynchronousQueue on a shared web host without sudo access?

Also, I'm on a shared web host where I have access to a limited SSH access, without sudo; how can I set up Known cron for the AsynchronousQueue event queue?

Q3. Which PHP 7.3 Extensions should be active?

Which PHP (7.3) extensions should be active for a Known server instance? See my list here in the screenshot below:

screenshot of active PHP 7.3 extensions


Q4. RESOLVED - How can I get the Twitter POSSE plugin working? 

I currently need to manually mention the publish webmention endpoints to repost my posts and status updates. The Twitter plugin by Known doesn't work on my server. Suspecting an outdated dependency on the tmhOAuh PHP library. Would be awesome if I can get that to work.

Resolution: update the tmhOAuth plugin and cacert.pem certificate.

Q5. Tagging with Known input forms is missing the dedicated tags field

Check why.

To be continued...

Johan Bové

@jgmac1106 Hi Greg. Having a question about Known. I'm not seeing the "syndication" links below my POSSE content on my site. How did you get the "Also on {silo}" links working? Thx

Johan Bové

Used for the first time to share my own post to Twitter. Mainly because I'm curious if the instance will pick up the through

Johan Bové

Got my first "stars" and "retweets" from a post written on and syndicated to the "silo". Very exciting to have official joined the . The whole process feels like magic thanks to (