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Johan Bové

The collection of photos I have in my Google account goes back thirteen years. I need to make sure my son will be able to keep access to this emotionally invaluable family digital archive.

Johan Bové

Report | Decentralization Off The Shelf

A growing number of technologists are challenging the consolidation of power over digital information systems by creating decentralized protocols and applications. Where government and corporate control are causing harm, decentralized technologies can bring about autonomy, resilience, and equity. However, there is a significant gap between decentralized protocols and the applications that users want to adopt, and until now there hasn’t been a systematic survey of the needs and challenges for the people and projects involved.

Johan Bové

PDF Book Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure

Open up your phone. Your social media, your news, your medical records, your bank: they are all using free and public code.

A must-read book about what open-source is and how we wouldn't have software, apps and the Internet as we know it today without the contributions of thousands of people who donated their time for the Greater Good.

Johan Bové

I'm enjoying listening to music on my re-discovered players. Pop in the disc, press play and listen to about 150 minutes of your own music in clear digital quality.

And it all works offline and no need for recurring subscriptions and disappearing tracks, when the streaming site decides to no renew their licenses.

Johan Bové

Tomorrows World 1992 - Philips DCC V Sony MiniDisc - YouTube

Love this comment by MGA X from 3 years ago:

> DCC wasn't the winner. Minidisc was for sure. Minidisc ended in 2013, 21 years after release. That's a long time for a digital format. DCC ended 4 years after it's release. I use MD now for recording and playing my vinyl records! Perfect for in home, combined with a good stereo! And it's good to have something different then your phone in home, for playing music! It's very relaxing offline music! Life can be so boring, doing everything on my phone!!

Johan Bové

I dream of a Digital World without passwords

1 min read

In a perfect World I would be able to access all my digital assets without having to enter a password or even authenticate manually.

One of the best parts of is the fact I only need a secret key file to access my content. The file is literally my access key to all my own SSB stuff.

No need to remember any crazy character combination or even having to register for an email account. I have an SSB and a secret and that’s all that should be necessary.

Having said that, being able to restore my account on with the “recovery phrase” does make sense since mobile operating system have terrible file access management.

Thank you dear community to make this dream become a little more reality.

ps. Since I can authenticate to my PC with my own face (Windows Hello), I really do not need to enter login and password to jump right into Patchwork.

Johan Bové

Digital Democracy's Mapeo

A powerful mapping toolset for communities

Mapeo is a free digital toolset for documenting, monitoring and mapping many types of data.

Johan Bové

Johan Bové

Johan Bové

Archiving The Internet with Jason Scott | The Web Ahead

Great talk between Jen Simmons and Jason Scott!
> The Internet Archive is a treasure trove of digitized culture — films, software, audio, websites and more. How it it being collected, and how might the Internet Archive be our best hope for preserving the history of this era, as we invent the web? Jason Scott joins Jen Simmons to talk about the challenges of archiving in the digital age.