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Johan Bové

Gimme A Token "client mismatch" in Known

Figuring out why Gimme A Token is not working for my Known instance

2 min read

Trying to obtain an Access Token for IndiePub with IndieAuth to be used in IFTTT requests so I can link other Web Services with my site.

I was able before to get a token using, and the integration with Pocket, Deezer and others worked, but I revoked all access tokens and today it no longer works to create a new token on my Known instance running version 1.2.2.

This post is about trying to solve this issue.

Got the endpoints of my server using:

After entering all the fields in "Gimme A Token" and going through the process to get the access token, I end up on with the message "Client mismatch". And I'm not sure where to go next.

What is causing this "client mismatch"? Did Known get safer or is "gimme-a-token" broken?

Going to reach out to Seb and Marcus in the next days.

Found that Greg had a similar issue with Monocle some months ago:

Update 2020-06-29 19:00

So I can rule out that "Gimme-A-Token" is broken.

Thanks to the greate people on the IRC channel (thanks Aaron, Greg and sknebel) I have a pointer towards htaccess and http/https redirecting. Looking into that now.

Update 2020-06-29 23:20

It seems that for a correct IndieAuth authentication, I had to add a hard-coded "me" url in the head of the Known head.tpl.php file so the Known homepage would always have this link:

<!-- Hardcoded me url -->
<link href="" rel="me" class="u-url">

This resolved the site error message and I can log in in one flow without having to retry.

But unfortunately I'm still getting "Client mismatch" errors with "Gimme a token" most of the time. I did manage to get once an actual token which I can now use again for IFTTT PESOS syndication.

Johan Bové

Note: Making Beaker OS a reality

Gathering ideas and basic requirements

1 min read

Actually: Beaker OS would be very similar to Google's Chrome OS which installs on many laptops. What would be necessary to make Beaker OS "bootable" ?

A list of basic applications any computer should have

  • Editor: check: basic text editor and coding IDE (similar to VScode)
  • Browser: check; similar to Chromium, without the extensions. Also issues with accessibility and internationalization.
  • Application platform: check
  • Address book: how would we integrate non-beaker profiles in the address book?
  • Calendar: CalDav, web client
  • Message client (email): web client
  • File Manager: check, but issues with syncing with OS FUSE and Hyperdrive
  • Terminal: check, and extensible with "Web Term Commands"
  • Media player: some examples: Winamp player, video player?
  • Photo Management: creating a photo gallery is easy. Web client?
  • Chat client: IRCCloud, web clients
  • "Office-like" applications: spreadsheet, editor, presentations: offline working spreadsheet?
  • Games: many web games already out there. Some multi-player using Beaker api?
  • Remote Desktop Client: not sure how this would work.

Johan Bové

I'm enjoying Beakerbrowser. It's the perfect combination of a browser, a platform and an editor. The only thing missing is mobile access to the Hyper:// content, of course including the Beaker API.

Johan Bové

Parenting is hard, but so rewarding.

Johan Bové

Camp West is ongoing this weekend:
Schedule with presentations:

Johan Bové

Having fun in looking up semi-random things as it if was and it's really cool how many "hits" it comes back with. It's mind-blowing that all that information is already on my machine thanks to the magic that is.

Johan Bové

Donated 500 ml of my blood today at the Düsseldorf Uniklinik. Really nice and professional medical staff. Took less than an hour. And as a bonus you get €25 for your trouble after the second time you go.

Johan Bové

Since runs in Beakerbrowser, I am thinking what to build that links up Hyperdrives with my Bangle.Js watch which can be controlled over Web Bluetooth See:

Johan Bové

This COVID-19 situation is still not under real control in Germany either. This is starting to feel like we just had the pilot episode of a pretty bad dystopian series and we’re now stuck in binge watching the whole series. Very worried about the cliffhanger at the end of episode `series.length - 1`.

Johan Bové

We can use web applications in @Beakerbrowser for our own usage safely without having to enter _once_ a password or user-name. Just select the hyperdrive profile you want to use from a dialog and you're good to go.