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Johan Bové

Why I am shaving my head bald on September 26th 2020

I am supporting the fight against childhood cancer!

2 min read

Me before the shave

Childhood cancer strikes more than children alone, it attacks whole families at once. The foundation that helps fight childhood cancer and the families affected needs our help and support.

As Childhood Cancer Advocates, we are united in our desire of health for all children with cancer, but they cannot fight it on their own. We are inspired by our heroes and want to end childhood cancer, because their fight is our fight.

I am part of the St. Baldrick's "Conquer Childhood Cancers" organization because I want to support the critical research they advance all over the World. When you send support to St.Baldrick's, you help more than 377 institutions that treat children in 30 countries.

Seeing a child fight cancer changes you forever. We are endlessly inspired by the strength, resilience and joy these heroes demonstrate. But no child should have to fight it or surrender their lives to it.

I am shaving my head to raise money for childhood research and I am not doing it alone. I am one of 25 participants in an event organised by Jeff, the father of Jacob and Sandra, great-aunt to Mighty Max.

Our team is a diverse group of kids, teenagers, parents, colleagues, family and friends.

We all are having our heads shaved to raise money and awareness for the good cause that is the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

On September, 26th, you will be able to follow live online how we all are getting our heads shaved. During the event there will be families sharing their stories with us.

We want to raise $50.000 this year. Help me to reach this goal.

Visit this URL to learn more:

Johan Bové

First day back at the office after a long, long time. It's a bit weird. The office is not full. It's great however to see some colleagues back.

Johan Bové

Twitter Interests page checkboxes are terribly bad implemented

It's almost that they don't really want you to edit your interests

2 min read

See this page if you have a Twitter account and want to control what kind of ads you get served:

It contained over 300 keywords, some of them I totally did not know why they would be added to my profile, some clearly wrong (Loud Orange Face was in there too) - so I started curating the list. The UX of this page is terrible.

In my case, there are over 300 checkboxes in a long list and there is no way to go through the process of unchecking the boxes easily because on EVERY click a POST request is sent to Twitter, which creates a brief moment where the user needs to wait before they can click on the next checkbox.

So obviously when a lot of people do this at the same time, especially now after watching the Social Dilemma documentary, clearly this page was not designed with that kind of traffic and server load in mind.

Was it done deliberately to discourage people to maintain this list? After 10 clicks or so the server is responding with error 503 ("Service Unavailable" or "over capacity") and none of the changes you make to the list is actually stored. I only noticed this after a reload. Yes, you can happily click further ignoring the error toast notification, but none of your changes will be saved.

This smells like a dark pattern, doesn't it?

Johan Bové

Watched the Social Dilemma film and I'm thinking I'm doing alright right now. Hoping the main message will reach more people. The website has a ton of useful and insightful information too about how to deal with social media addiction, polarization and most of all, how to start having a conversation to people about it.

Johan Bové

Had a great day out with my family today. I'm really proud of my wonderful son and his amazing mom. We're doing good and I hope tomorrow will be the same.

Johan Bové

Really enjoyed watching the first episodes of the refreshing Cobra Kai show on Netflix. Eighties nostalgia, anti heroes, heart and soul, and it's funny too.

Johan Bové

It's amazing how little hard drive space plain text files take up.

Johan Bové

Disabled most of the Google apps on my phone.

Johan Bové

Migrating my data plan away from Google and Onedrive in favor of my own drives at home, synced across devices with Syncthing, including a cloud backup on Backblaze. It's a bit of work to set up, but feels good to have it under my own control.

Johan Bové

Ignoring the time-line (mostly). Feeling liberated as I now pick myself what is important to me at that moment. When I do look at Twitter I use my lists to focus my attention. Peace of mind.