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Since November 2016, Johan works as a Front-end developer and senior Web Consultant at Deloitte Digital in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Throughout his career as a web developer he gathered relevant hands-on professional experience building performant websites and web applications.

People he worked with have called him an expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with which he knows how to build complex, scalable browser applications.

When creating these applications, he takes special consideration for security, accessibility and performance optimization.

His current interests are: IndieWeb, Vue.js, decentralization, …

He is happily married to Erica. They are the parents of a wonderful little boy, Nathan. Johan bikes to work whenever he can, even when it rains. He loves to study new stuff and likes sci-fi movies and reads mostly non-fictional literature.

Through this site he tries to contribute interesting content to the World Wide Web - but not always for the general public - all in the prospect of Captivating Online Matters.

This website is powered by Known CMS by Marcus Povey et al, with some customizations from his own hand.

He only got into the IndieWeb movement since end of May 2019. You can follow his Indieweb focussed plans and status updates on his page.