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Johan Bové

> I’m talking about reaching people who are unlikely to ever attend such a meet-up. To use the IndieWeb Generations definition, I’m thinking about the 3s and maybe 4s in my network.

Thanks for the pointer to IndieWeb Generations ( Had missed that page completely until now.

Going to have to analyse that page first and think about how we can resolve your original point.

> seeking a way to engage and coach these particular users into their first steps, rather than relying on them to work through a guide or documentation.

Most regular people don't want to have a site for the sake of it, why do most people enjoy using silos (Facebook especially) so much?

What are their main activities there? Actions like safely sharing pictures of their children with their family etc. Silos simply work and are popular so it's easy to find friends and family to connect to. They are available everywhere, are free (if you take away the price of given away your privacy) and require zero technical knowledge. ( Wondering if somebody studies why Facebook is so popular?)

How can we enable them to achieve those actions using IndieWeb solutions, with the same ease as when they stay within the silos?

Projects like Known and share those ambitions. So I'll try to contribute to those projects in order to make them "more mainstream" as-in "easier to use". Creating documentation and training will of course help too.