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Johan Bové

My reasons to support the Gemini Internet Protocol

3 min read

Why do I believe Gemini is great for personal Internet presences? First of all, it's a real grass-roots initiative which I am very excited about.

If you're reading this, chances are high you are already using Gemini. But for history reasons and to share my opinions of Gemini I would like to offer you here some views of mine.

Collecting some of the strong-points of Gemini from my perspective of having some experience with Gopher and running personal websites.

Fast and lightweight

  • It's very easy on the system resources. So the protocol works really well on slower hardware without any problems. Hosting on a Raspberry Pi3 is easy-peasy.
  • Since there are no fancy design in Gemini capsules, it is really optimized for low bandwidth.
  • It should work really fine on a feature-phone, like for KaiOS. I don't believe there is a client yet for KaiOs at this time.
  • It's fairly easy to build clients and servers for the protocol.

Simple yet complete

  • The specifications provide enough functionality to do basically what you would expect to be able to do online.
  • Much lower learning curve compared to Gopher and HTML. You can start publishing Gemini pages within minutes.
  • Even-though the syntax is limited, it still gives enough playroom for creative expression.
  • Use of TLS certificates promises security and privacy.
  • It is more international than US-centric Gopher.
  • The procol supports the UTF-8 character set so any language can be used to publish sites in.
  • This should help make the protocol more popular in non-ascii wielding regions in the World.

Easy to publish

  • Content will be probably first of all stored in static text files which are future-proof and easy to maintain.
  • Many servers already available that require minimal technical skills.
  • Yes, you still need a server, but there are many collectives which you can join to facilitate this.


  • No popups, animations, videos, sound effects.
  • Focus on actual content instead of fluff and effects.
  • No advertisemens and commercial tracking.
  • No Facebook, Google or Twitter.


  • Power of formatting goes into the clients or readers. Like in the good old days of the early Web, people are expected to style the content to their own liking.
  • It's pure text, has simple navigation rules, so should be great for people with disabilities.
  • No JavaScript so you really see what you get.

And on top of this, the young Gemini community is driven to make this a success!

I'm sold.

ps. I published this first in plain text on my Gemini capsule and now that I copy paste this into a HTML document I can really tell just how easy it is to publish on Gemini.

Johan Bové

My Recommended Web Dev Sources

1 min read

As a web developer, one of my challenges is keeping up-to-date. So I follow a lot of different web development publishing sources. Amongst others, these are the main ones I find myself reading the most articles from:


Johan Bové

Nokia 8110 4G Requests - Part 1

2 min read

Nokia 8110 4G banana yellow and black side to side

Gathering a list of issues and changes I would like to see fixed on my 4G phone.

Most of these issues can be fixed with a hypothetical software update. So it's up to HMD Global (@NokiaMobile) to work on the apps and system software on the phone and release a new update - preferably sooner than later.

And the WhatsApp integration should be implemented by Facebook Team WhatsApp of course.

List of software nuisances:

  • WhatsApp is running on the phone, but is lacking in these ways:
    • No support, even-though the phone has a QR-reading-cabable camera on board
    • Received videos have a maximum file size of 8MB, so anything bigger than that cannot be opened, at all. Memory limitations?
    • No calling
    • No video chat
  • No emoji input - This makes me really sad. 😅
  • No CalDAV and CardDav sync support - would have been great to be able to easily synchronize contacts outside of Google or Apple sync.
  • The volume controls are practically useless as the phone has three volume settings even-though it has a scale from vibrate to 15, the actual volume stages are "Really Loud", "Loud" or "vibrate".
  • The phone gets really hot during calls - not sure if software or hardware related to be honest.

It would be awesome if this list could be marked off soon.