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Johan Bové

Note-To-Self : use voice recording

1 min read

So the T9 keypad on the Nokia 8110 4G is, to put it gently, not great - even-though I am getting used to the awkward way of writing words and sentences - hey, who needs punctuation anyway; but on the plus side, the installed voice recorder app always me to take "note to self" - style voice memos which are recorded in 8kbit or 44kbit and saved as .opus audio files on the sd-card - et voila - hands-free memos! Added bonus: hearing my own voice gets less weird over time and it also helps me formulate my thoughts better. Digging this low-tech setup!

Johan Bové

My IndieWeb timeline

2 min read

Going to list up how I got to join the - pecha kucha style* - ish... - presentation to follow 🤞

  • 2017 - Got fed up with ad-revenue supported social media silos being commercially exploited and digitally tracked and followed.
  • 2017 / 2018 - Tested Mastodon, but getting overwhelmed by an overload of uninteresting posts and I couldn't decide which Mastodon instance to join. Also had some concerns over how the open-source project is managed. And setting up an own instance required a more expensive web host service and the setup is something I couldn't do on my, otherwise excellent, web host company Antagonist. (
  • 2018 / 2019 - Finding out about SOLID by thé Tim Berner's Lee - got involved (a little) by looking at the current source-code for the SOLID (beta) user interface and tried to fix a bug. Contributed to testing and writing some docs together with Melvin. Was a tough cookie to swallow because of lots of old code and a funky user-interface which has a bit of a learning curve. Tried my best to wrap my head around RDF and Linked-Data. Was a bit set back by academic talk on how Solid is going forward. Impressed by all the cool JavaScript demos and got to know some amazingly smart and clever people. (Melvin, Ruben, Lieven, ...) Plus the project has an important source in my birthplace Ghent, Belgium. But I am currently not following up the project so much any more... Mostly because I cannot run Node.JS servers on my web host.
  • 2019 - Found out about the IndieWeb movement in a podcast by Mozilla and decided to start using Known. Impressed by Tantek and Aaron's work. Got a lot of welcome help by Greg and other Indieweb "gurus". Was happy to see that Known was running nicely on Apache2 with PHP and MySQL, but it was a little concerning to see that Ben and the Idno project went through really tough times. Luckily Marcus is doing an excellent job in keeping the open-source Known project alive-and-kicking.

Learning about webmention, microsub and micropub and getting to try out all Aaron's and other talented developer's apps, gave me hope and motivation that this could be how the - personal - Web should continue to evolve into.


The Indieweb principles rock!



Johan Bové

Improving my Known site and template using Google's Lighthouse Audit

1 min read

As of today this is the Audit test result for "Desktop" (no throttling), with an authenticated session:

  • Performance: 100
  • Accessibility: 70
  • Best Practices: 79
  • SEO: 100

Next priority is to improve the score for "Accessibility".

  1. Image elements do not have alt attribute
  2. Form elements do not have associated labels
  3. Links do not have a discernible name

The "Best Practices" fixes will then be next:

  1. Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance
  2. Links to cross-origin destinations are unsafe
  3. Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities


The "known security vulnerabilities" is a tricky one as it requires updating the outdated Bootstrap version. 

Johan Bové

Git aliases

1 min read

As a developer I use Git all the time and since I also spend a lot of time in terminals, and modern terminals have the option to create aliases for commands, I have these Git command aliases to speed up my workflow:

# Checks the git log for commits with a signature and very the found PGP keys with keys looked up
#   in
# See
alias gitpgp='git log --show-signature | grep "RSA key" | grep -o "[A-Z0-9]\+$" | sort | uniq | xargs gpg --keyserver --recv-keys $keys'

alias gc='git checkout'
alias gf='git fetch'
alias gs='git status'
alias gl='git log --oneline'
alias gp='git pull'
# Will give you a list of branches sorted by committer date
alias gbl='git for-each-ref --sort=committerdate refs/heads/ --format="%(color:red)%(committerdate:short) %(color:cyan)%(refname:short)"'
alias gh='git rev-parse --verify --short HEAD'

, , ,

Johan Bové

Known Questions

1 min read

These are some questions I have about my Known server instance.

Q1. Redis Support?

My web host supports Redis. Anyone know if there is a plugin for Known which activates Redis cache? Does it make sense to activate Redis for a single-user Known site?

Q2. AsynchronousQueue on a shared web host without sudo access?

Also, I'm on a shared web host where I have access to a limited SSH access, without sudo; how can I set up Known cron for the AsynchronousQueue event queue?

Q3. Which PHP 7.3 Extensions should be active?

Which PHP (7.3) extensions should be active for a Known server instance? See my list here in the screenshot below:

screenshot of active PHP 7.3 extensions


Q4. RESOLVED - How can I get the Twitter POSSE plugin working? 

I currently need to manually mention the publish webmention endpoints to repost my posts and status updates. The Twitter plugin by Known doesn't work on my server. Suspecting an outdated dependency on the tmhOAuh PHP library. Would be awesome if I can get that to work.

Resolution: update the tmhOAuth plugin and cacert.pem certificate.

Q5. Tagging with Known input forms is missing the dedicated tags field

Check why.

To be continued...

Johan Bové

You can keep your metrics, Twitter

3 min read

How knowing the number of followers I have makes me want to use it less

I seem to have been hovering around 404 followers for a couple of months now. Some tweets bring me a couple of new ones, other tweets seems to scare away followers. Not sure how to interpret that.

Following people based upon a single Tweet is a mistake and a sure-fire hit to get disappointed later. When I see someone posting something interesting or funny, I don't immediately decide to follow them. I always have a look at their timeline to see the general tone and topics they post about. There is hardly anyone who consistently posts interesting stuff. (There are some really clever people out there, so there are exceptions)

Anyway, I'm not using "social media" to post curated and carefully picked words to please every follower; I share it because I care about the content and/or the author and believe the message important enough to be passed along or promoted.

Some time ago somebody shared the thought that Twitter should offer an option to hide the follower and other counters from the User Interfaces. I agree that this option would actually benefit new joiners to not really know just how little followers they have.

I can understand that the number of followers, retweets and likes are easy to messure metrics to analyse the reach and the impact Twitter users have. But to most, I believe that knowing these numbers will actually demotivate and push those users away from the platform entirely.

That's one of the main reasons why I am totally for taking back control over your online presence and about hosting your own "social website". And thanks to the Known CMS project I could create a pretty neat social media hub within a limited amount of time and effort. It's all open source and currently maintained by Marcus Povey.

He's doing a lot of excellent work on the Known platform and posts about his ideas and implementations.

So I degressed from my original topic; I'll share more insights in how to set up your own Known site in a future post. It wasn't super-easy to set up the site, WordPress is a lot easier to start with, but Known was developed with the ideas of the Indieweb movement in mind.

So thanks to the IndieWeb, Twitter is not my main social media platform any longer. I own my content here and will continue to decide for myself what will be shared on that silo and what stays on my private social media Indieweb site.

We need the IndieWeb, so we can take back our online presence and feel back in control over social posting.

ps. I used Mastodon for a while, but couldn't get the feel right and didn't really enjoy using it. Having to decide on one or maintain multiple Mastodon instances, and set up in a way multiple social media accounts, was too much of a hassle. And unless your hosting your own Mastodon site, it's not really the :-)

Johan Bové

Videos for Nathan

1 min read

List of YouTube videos to collect for :

  1. La Tartaruga sprint
  2. Tarzan Lo fa
  3. Mi scappa la Pippi
  4. Il Leone si dorme
  5. Kokodrillo
  6. Gato Nero
  7. Chi vuole un Fuore
  8. Caphe de la pepina
  9. Non Lo faccio piu
  10. Tagliatelle de nonna pinna