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Johan Bové

Nowcasting | HMEI

List of companies that specialized in "now casting" hyper-local weather prediction

Johan Bové

If it has rained the amount of water normally for two months worth in the last week in Western-Germany and Benelux, does this mean we'll have along drought in the next months?

Johan Bové

Johan Bové

First day of vacation - spent the whole day in the Hofgarten park with my son. He ran and played in the sandbox - briefly chatted - with mask on - with other parents on anything but Covid - it was a great day outside, with good fun and the weather was warm and pleasant. Life was good today and I'm going to bed relaxed. Tomorrow again?

Johan Bové

Contact-less cash in the Real World?

How to hand out cash contact-less?

4 min read

Got a SwatchPay watch developed by Swatch and G+D Mobile Security, the other Saturday as a father’s day gift. I activated the payment function today using the Boon Virtual Debet Card I had registered for some months ago. Since WireCard in Germany is filing for bankrupcy there was some confusion and uncertainty.

The nice people at the Düsseldorf @Swatch store had to verify that it would work. It did. Some time later I paid contact-less for lunch with my new watch. Pretty sleek and COVID - safe.

Being able to pay contact-less is pretty great. But people on the street who depend on small change donations are really left out. I simply don’t carry cash and coins anymore with me. My credit-card size wallet also attest for that.

So how could we give small-change using a contact-less cash system? Similar to how in China vagrants use Alibaba Pay QR codes to beg for a small contribution on the street.

How would that work with a system that relies on NFC like SwatchPay? Give everyone who needs it access to NFC readers? What is the cheapest, most battery-efficient, weather-proof, solar-powered NFC reader payment terminal you know of?

It would have to be a system that works offline, but where the collections can be transfered into a system that exchanges for actual cash or exchange for food and clothes or shelter. People who have no identification should also still be able to use this system. The reader would have to taken care of as if it was actual cash.

How can we digitalize small-change donations in Germany where a large part of the population, luckily, still trusts cash in the hand more than electronic payment systems?

So the best solution is that we would reverse the devices. The people on the street all get “SwatchPay - like” watches or a similar thing like a card. They work without a battery, need only to be registered once. Then it would be up to everyone else to use their phones, or a portable NCF payments-capable device, to initialize the donation transaction. There would be an app for that. Just like the existing Boon or SwatchPay apps.

Instead of paying, we would be giving.

How much technology is inside the SwatchPay watches? It’s an NFC tag chip, similar to the ones we all have on our bank and credit cards.

How SwatchPay! Works (source)
Payments are made possible by the NFC chip, which is located on the back of the case. In a ring around the bezel, the watch has an antenna that catches the radiation, connecting the chip with the payment terminal. This is exactly the same technology as your bank card uses. You can activate your watch with your internet banking system. Setting this up costs about ten minutes. SwatchPAY! uses a method they call tokenization, which creates a unique “token” for the device. Simply store your credit or prepaid card on your smartwatch via the app (activation of SwatchPAY! watch in Swatch store) – the app is available for iOS and Android.

More insights in the tokenization can be found in the PDF: SwatchPay case-study by G+D Mobile Security.

Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security is a company based in Munich, Germany

I’m not an engineer or have really investigated fully into the technical side of this, but the logic seems sound. What if we could tokenize everything this way?

And how we would avoid abuse is a whole different level of challenges to look into.

Johan Bové

Weather report: Düsseldorf, Germany

The current weather for your location working in a curl request

Johan Bové

Discovered the "Little Sun" project by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen by watching the Abstract episode and immediately ordered their solar products to support this great social business. See
@LittleSun Thanks for the speedy delivery too! Hoping for some decent sunny weather in Düsseldorf the next couple of days for a proper first charge.

Johan Bové

National day off in Germany and the weather is rather unfriendly so that makes it a perfect day to get some necessary chores and maintenance done in the house!

Johan Bové

It's not even 9am yet in Düsseldorf and the temperature is already up at almost 26°C. Expecting the temperature today to reach 35°C. According to data from Foreca (through the Windows Weather app), the hottest day on this day was in 1994 where the temperature reached 30°C. Another temperature record shattered...

Johan Bové

If you're looking for a then I can recommend Dark Sky. It's very complete in the returned weather data and has a free plan for up to a 1000 requests a day - they only ask for some attribution by mentioning the "Powered By Dark Sky" on your site and app when you use them.