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Johan Bové

First reaction to Zoom buying Keybase

1 min read

At first, the Keybase acquisition by Zoom comes as a shock to me and I actually immediately thought of deleting my account. But I have invested quite some time and effort in the account and the platform. I use it as my main encryption and signing tool and I've got a decent network and some Stellar Lumens in my account which I'm not sure where to transfer to at the moment. I get it how the people behind , who are actually really cool, want to finish their "incredible journey" with some honestly hard-earned money; and on top of all the current features Keybase offers, video chat makes a lot of sense if they want to compete with MS Teams and Slack. But the whole thing still feels like a sell-out and it is totally unclear what will happen to the current user base. Is Zoom going to charge us for our accounts now? It would have been cooler if Keybase has aquired Zoom instead. Worried about the future of Keybase, so I will be looking for an alternative tool in the next days. Not going to delete my account, just yet.

Johan Bové

The Stellar Lumens I received through the Keybase Spacedrops are valued over €100 now. Crazy. Question remains what to do with them?

Johan Bové

Helaas heeft het Keybase + Stellar SpaceDrop experiment het niet lang volgehouden door te veel rotzooi door valse accounts en scammers. Deze morgen kreeg ik dan de laatste 355 XLM. Of ik die ooit in een fiat-token zoals Eur zal omzetten. Misschien toch eens naar die stable-coins kijken.

Johan Bové

Using Keybase GPG to sign git commits and tags

2 min read

With the Keybase application installed on the "Windows Subsystem for Linux" command line, export the pgp Keybase key and import it into the local gpg keychain.

I also had to add this code into the ~/.bashrc file to make the gpg passphrase prompt work in WSL:

# enable passphrase prompt for gpg
export GPG_TTY=$(tty)

Pull someones pgp key from their Keybase profiles:

$ keybase pgp pull johanbove

List the current keys in your gpg key chain:

$ gpg --list-secret-keys --keyid-format LONG

Export the pgp key to import it in gpg:

$ keybase pgp export -q 4AAE11D0B6A8D5E8 | gpg --import
$ keybase pgp export -q 4AAE11D0B6A8D5E8 --secret | gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import

Testing the gpg key:

$ echo "test" | gpg --clearsign

Setting up git to use the key:

$ git config --global user.signingkey B6A8D5E8

Setting the trust level of the imported key:

$ gpg --list-keys
$ gpg --edit-key E44E71105E920276ED1693294AAE11D0B6A8D5E8

Following the instructions to set the trust on a gpg key.

Creating an annotated and signed git tag:

$ git tag -a -s v1.0.0 -m "Release v1.0.0 signed"

Verifying the git tag:

$ git tag -v v1.0.0


Johan Bové

Keybase Spacedrop ended

1 min read

I’m happy the space drop is over for me. Lumens should have never been linked to a monetary value like it was done, to avoid hoarding hackers. The whole thing almost ruined Keybase for a lot of people. However the concept of the Stellar network still has huge potential. Keybase was on its way to become a crucial key factor in a more secure, verified Internet, but became out of greedy gold rush motivations, almost malicious. I hope Keybase will still become the connected, secure communication and verification platform it was meant to be.

Johan Bové

PGP sign the twtxt.txt file with my Keybase key

Johan Bové

The Big Stellar Spacedrop by Keybase

The Big Stellar Spacedrop by Keybase

Love how they phrase this. And yes, please People Of The Internet, stop sucking so much!

Johan Bové

Nevertheless, getting the free Stellar Lumens as a gift by Keybase and, offered me an insight into the crypto currency trading World. The tools and the technology behind all of it amazes me.

Johan Bové

Johan Bové

The "Keybase Utilities" application on my Windows 10 machine is gorging up CPU cycles. Why it is doing that and what is actually going on is a mystery. Going to have to dig up some logs later for a debug report.