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Johan Bové

Managed to cause a scratch on the back lid of our six months old Toyota Corolla by sitting on the remote control in my back pocket and the back lid opened and the brake handle of my bicycle, which was too close to the car, scratched the paint off a bit. Enough to feel it with my finger nails. Going to see if I can make it less visible with some scratch removal kit. The door-opening process detected that something was wrong and stopped automatically, but started closing the lid, so this created a nice u-shape scratch. Having many gadgets in a car is fun, but can cause little problems like this.

Johan Bové

Gimme A Token "client mismatch" in Known

Figuring out why Gimme A Token is not working for my Known instance

2 min read

Trying to obtain an Access Token for IndiePub with IndieAuth to be used in IFTTT requests so I can link other Web Services with my site.

I was able before to get a token using, and the integration with Pocket, Deezer and others worked, but I revoked all access tokens and today it no longer works to create a new token on my Known instance running version 1.2.2.

This post is about trying to solve this issue.

Got the endpoints of my server using:

After entering all the fields in "Gimme A Token" and going through the process to get the access token, I end up on with the message "Client mismatch". And I'm not sure where to go next.

What is causing this "client mismatch"? Did Known get safer or is "gimme-a-token" broken?

Going to reach out to Seb and Marcus in the next days.

Found that Greg had a similar issue with Monocle some months ago:

Update 2020-06-29 19:00

So I can rule out that "Gimme-A-Token" is broken.

Thanks to the greate people on the IRC channel (thanks Aaron, Greg and sknebel) I have a pointer towards htaccess and http/https redirecting. Looking into that now.

Update 2020-06-29 23:20

It seems that for a correct IndieAuth authentication, I had to add a hard-coded "me" url in the head of the Known head.tpl.php file so the Known homepage would always have this link:

<!-- Hardcoded me url -->
<link href="" rel="me" class="u-url">

This resolved the site error message and I can log in in one flow without having to retry.

But unfortunately I'm still getting "Client mismatch" errors with "Gimme a token" most of the time. I did manage to get once an actual token which I can now use again for IFTTT PESOS syndication.

Johan Bové seems to be obfuscation their articles seems to be obfuscation their articles

In the Screenshot you can see the obfuscation result of a saved article in Pocket. Except for the title and the author name, all other words are garbled.

I understand why they are doing this, but since I am a paying subscriber, I wished I could still access articles in my own reader of choice.

Johan Bové

Can wearing masks stop the spread of viruses? - BBC News

The NHS says the best way to avoid catching viruses such as flu is to:
* regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap
* avoid touching your eyes and nose wherever possible
* maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle

Johan Bové

Thanks for the super clear guidelines - as always very well explained. I was able to get PESOS from Pocket and Feedly working through IFTTT as well on my Known CMS site. IFTTT is sending POST requests to my micropub endpoint and Known is happily accepting the accesstoken, yet when I see the response of the action in IFTTT it always says "Failed". I've checked the response with POSTMAN and Known is responding with a status code 200 - as it should? - so it's okay for now, as it works; but was wondering why IFTTT is flagging the actions as failed?

Johan Bové

Augmented my Known site with the integration of (Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate on Your Own Site) through originating from @Feedly and @Pocket.

Johan Bové

@CharlieRoseMari This is really cool. Going to try to set Indieweb PESOS up with my Pocket account as well. Thanks for sharing the explanation and the idea.

Johan Bové

Johan Bové

Best articles of 2019 - Pocket

Really good content and an awesome layout

Johan Bové

The secret to successfully carry a P38 - YouTube

A P38 is a can opener that fits on your key chain. This tip says to add a magnet to it, to keep it closed, so when you carry it on your keychain and keep it in your pocket, it won't tear in your clothes.

Liked the style of the video.