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Johan Bové

Known plugin update process

1 min read

In response to jgmac1106 on :

My plugin-updating process is currently like this:

  1. Create a fork of the Github idno project
  2. Checkout the code from the repo
  3. Fire up Beyond Compare and start a folder compare session
  4. Synchronize the plugin folder from local to remote

Of course it should be possible that you clone the Github plugin code through git clone and then do a git pull upstream to get the latest from the original master.

You should then be able to also run a composer update command to make sure you're getting the latest "vendor" dependencies too.

Johan Bové

Missed the Collective Meetup at the IndieWeb Summit in Portland. Fortunately the notes can be found here: - Suggesting in the irc room to also propose submitting Known to Installatron for easy one-click installations. More here: