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Side-effect of getting into the is that I just installed an client ( ) again on my Windows machine - after years of not really logging-on... More info on the channels here:


Giorgio Moroder is coming to perform in Düsseldorf on Saturday April 13th 2019 and I won't attend as the tickets seem sold-out, not that I would actually really go. Haven't been to a concert in ages.


Super handy how the site is set up as a Wiki-site. By simply adding any related term after the domain name you get to see a very useful and informative community managed web document.


@mapkyca Your [Github activity bar]( is very impressive. I did notice that no commit or activity was registered yet for today! It would be an amazing shame to lose such a streak! ;-)


Got my first "stars" and "retweets" from a post written on and syndicated to the "silo". Very exciting to have official joined the . The whole process feels like magic thanks to (


( is an amazingly good free and open-source self-hostable Photo Gallery application. Including the Piwigo Mobile app for on-the-go picture uploads.


I've changed the permalink structure to the highest granularity on my instance: ``/:year/:month/:day/:slug ``. Will add redirects using to deal with existing Twitter posts.


Too bad that , to link your personal website, only has a single profile field which renders the URL including the `rel="me"`attribute to use for Web Sign In. Wishing I could add an identity site and additionally my social posting site.


Updated my Known instance on to version 9.9.0-a. Thanks @mapkyca for your continued support!


Trying to set up and on this instance. Checking the "IndiePub" section of the server and getting stuck at:

> IndiePub Accounts
> There are currently no IndiePub accounts associated with this site.

When I try to login in using the site I keep getting this error:

> "" does not match the logged in user "/profile/johan".

Also tried with the URL:

> "" does not match the logged in user "/profile/johan".

And I'm stuck. Not sure what to do.

Can't find anything on the Github repo project for Known:
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