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Since November 2016, I work as a Front-end developer and senior Web Consultant at Deloitte Digital in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Current interests: IndieWeb, Vue.js, SOLID, RDF, Linked Data, decentralization, …

I am happily married to Erica. We are the parents of a wonderful little boy, Nathan.

I bike to work whenever I can, even when it rains.

I love to study new stuff. I like sci-fi movies and books and read mostly non-fictional literature.


Finally got to try out implementing the / / example Chat application. Built it with classic (for now) and got it running on a local Raspberry Pi, including nginx reverse proxy. Still lots of details to take care of, but it's fun how fast you can build something useful - albeit insecure - in a couple of concentrated hours.
Example source here:


It's Easter today! We got some chocolate from my mom. I managed to stay away from eating chocolate for most of "lent". Not out of religious reasons, but mostly to limit my daily sugar intake. It actually helped to lose some fat.


Spotted the car in Stadtmitte today. About time the Google Maps pictures for Düsseldorf were updated as they are about ten years old currently and the town has changed a lot since then.


My favourite station above all is . Take a look at their playlist. What other radio station plays such amazing music all the time?


Walking through the Hofgarten when a event takes place feels like being part of a Black Mirror episode. Everyone is staring at their phones.


Gave up on integrating the plugin for my site, even-though I solved the previous with it after correctly setting the URL. For some reason, not shown in the error logs, my Web host does not seem to be able to send the oAuth connect requests. It fails with this error message "'Your Twitter credentials could not be saved." and the code ``0``, which means the *tmhOAuth* library could not connect to 's API. Sticking with for now. Additionally, the tmhOAuth library does not seem very much maintained anymore. It's last release was in February 2013.


the on my site where I had wrongly configured the ``url`` in the ``config.ini`` file.
My web server error is full of these useful and informative messages:

> Backend log: Known ( warning - Base URL has defaulted to "/" because Known was unable to detect your server name. This may be because you're loading Known via a script. Try setting url="" in your config.ini to remove this message\n, referer:


Playing with ; Following this to connect a page to a device and read and write commands to it with :


Got a Pi 3 b+ today!
Finally got the device and I'm setting it up as a home . Going to set up and use it as a Bluetooth-to-internet gateway. Installed firstly Raspbian and got the ssh access working. - -