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Johan Bové

New addition to the MiniDisc devices collection: Sony MZ-R70

1 min read

New addition to the MiniDisc player/recorder devices: a Sony MZ-R70 in near mint condition!

Sony MZ-R70 front

No remote included, but it's not a big loss since the original remote didn't have the LCD display anyway and all the functionality is also accessible on the device itself.

I went with this non-NetMD device for the following reasons:

  • Nice big LCD screen on the device itself
  • Powered by a single AA battery - no hard-to-find gumstick batteries - Also if you're using rechargeable AA batteries, they will (slowly) recharge within the device when you connect the device using the 3V power adapter
  • Sturdy housing and buttons
  • This one has a mic input
  • Two headphone outputs!
  • I like to record music real-time - call it nostalgia - but it's part of what I like about MiniDisc - it's back to time when things went a little more slowly
  • This one does not do MDLP - but as the point above - it's part of the charm having to deal with media limitations

Some issues:

  • Louder mechanical noises when recording and playing, especially when connected to the power adapter. But it's still acceptable.