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Johan Bové

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the DWeb. You point out some true challenges that this exciting Web Space is facing at the time you wrote the post and is still facing today. About the "phasing out" or disappearing of the data on the IPFS network; I personally think it's kind poetic almost that for as long as someone is interested in content, it will always be there on the IPFS network. You only need one node with the content to have the data to be able to reach it. Unfortunately perhaps, the IPFS mirror was a little ahead of its time and there weren't not simply enough people that got a "pinned" copy of the data published there? Perhaps with the recent integration of IPFS into a "mainstream" browser like Brave, this content might last around longer. Brave by default will keep about 1GB of data in the IPFS cache. The site will only last as long for as long as someone is willing to pay for the domain name and web hosting; which will happen after 2025-07-26 according to a whois lookup.