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Johan Bové

I've met my own fundraising goal, but my team still can use your support!

1 min read

To all my friends, thank you for supporting my head-shaving fundraiser for St. Baldrick's Foundation. I am amazed to share that I have already smashed my goal, with $1045 raised for childhood cancer research.

While I have met my goal, we are still $12000 short for the overall event goal of raising $50000, so I have increased my goal to $1500 – so if there is anyone still interested in helping, here is the link again 😃

We'll be going live on Facebook during the event, set for this Saturday at 18:00. @Jeff Neu, whose superhero 5-year old son Jake just beat cancer and rang the bell in June this year after three and a half years of treatment, is hosting the event. Many people will shave their heads and some will share their stories, and you are all invited to join if you are curious and have time.

This is the first time I do anything like this. While I am still a little nervous about shaving my head, I know it will be fun and I am grateful and humbled by the support you've all given me!