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Johan Bové

Note: Making Beaker OS a reality

Gathering ideas and basic requirements

1 min read

Actually: Beaker OS would be very similar to Google's Chrome OS which installs on many laptops. What would be necessary to make Beaker OS "bootable" ?

A list of basic applications any computer should have

  • Editor: check: basic text editor and coding IDE (similar to VScode)
  • Browser: check; similar to Chromium, without the extensions. Also issues with accessibility and internationalization.
  • Application platform: check
  • Address book: how would we integrate non-beaker profiles in the address book?
  • Calendar: CalDav, web client
  • Message client (email): web client
  • File Manager: check, but issues with syncing with OS FUSE and Hyperdrive
  • Terminal: check, and extensible with "Web Term Commands"
  • Media player: some examples: Winamp player, video player?
  • Photo Management: creating a photo gallery is easy. Web client?
  • Chat client: IRCCloud, web clients
  • "Office-like" applications: spreadsheet, editor, presentations: offline working spreadsheet?
  • Games: many web games already out there. Some multi-player using Beaker api?
  • Remote Desktop Client: not sure how this would work.