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Johan Bové

First reaction to Zoom buying Keybase

1 min read

At first, the Keybase acquisition by Zoom comes as a shock to me and I actually immediately thought of deleting my account. But I have invested quite some time and effort in the account and the platform. I use it as my main encryption and signing tool and I've got a decent network and some Stellar Lumens in my account which I'm not sure where to transfer to at the moment. I get it how the people behind , who are actually really cool, want to finish their "incredible journey" with some honestly hard-earned money; and on top of all the current features Keybase offers, video chat makes a lot of sense if they want to compete with MS Teams and Slack. But the whole thing still feels like a sell-out and it is totally unclear what will happen to the current user base. Is Zoom going to charge us for our accounts now? It would have been cooler if Keybase has aquired Zoom instead. Worried about the future of Keybase, so I will be looking for an alternative tool in the next days. Not going to delete my account, just yet.