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Johan Bové

Webcams are in high demand these days

1 min read

The fact that you can buy a used webcam today faster than new is astounding. A Microsoft Lifecam Cinema, which would sell new before the corona crisis for about €50, was sold today as a good second hand condition on Ebay for €81 (+ shipping cost).

If you happen to own an unused webcam in your drawers, then now is the time to sell and you could even make a profit.

Ebay Auction for a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

Price range for a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

Microsoft LifeCam 3000 outrageously over-priced.

Some shops are not shy in offering this camera for an insanely high price! Don't get fooled.

Price range for Microsoft Lifecam 3000Outrageous prices for a €25 euro webcam