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Johan Bové

Journal Update

1 min read

Today I'm in my fourth week of forced working from home-office.

Some moments I seem to think we have it all under control and we're actually managing to combine baby sitting and working at the same time, but then the two-year old in my son resurfaces and he needs attention every 15 seconds.

We love spending time with him, but the combination with a sprint plan deadline is making me a bit short-fused and nervous. I'm keeping my cool however by realizing how lucky we are, compared to many families in the World and especially in Italy.

Still feeling pretty bad how much TV he needs to see to keep him busy. It does seem that he is starting to be able to play on his own for a - little - while longer. He likes the V-Tech MagicBook 3D interactive toy, especially the little 3D animations. He's so clever.

We got him more cars and a garage and the biggest extension set of the Lillabo Ikea train (50 pieces!) - So it's not like he has a shortage in toys, it's just that he's only two.