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Johan Bové

Journal Update

1 min read

Week three of forced home office is almost over. Thanks to the electronic baby sitter aka TV we are able to get some work hours in.

Went to the supermarket this morning around 8:20. Weren't many people around. Aldi Süd installed protective screens for their cashiers.

Still a bit of a shortage of pasta and rice, otherwise all food is still plenty there. It did seem that the shop was a little understaffed.

At the DM I had to leave a package of disinfectant swipes, even when it was in a different size, because the cashier said only one package a customer was allowed. I tried to negotiate, but apparently size doesn't matter.

At the bakery they had installed hanging sheets of plexy glass as a protective screen above the counter. Thought it was a smart way to be able to prevent the nice people working there from getting sick.