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Johan Bové

Journal Update

1 min read

The news and measures about the corona virus are giving me anxiety caused nightmares. I feel genuinely scared about what is happening. Worried about my family and my friends and colleagues. Worried that we might not have enough supplies. Worried about how the World As We Knew it is over. Perhaps I've seen too many apocalyptic movies and TV.

I've been away from the office at home for five weeks now. Working from home was okay until my son couldn't go to the kindergarten anymore and then last Friday, my laptop broke. I got the machine replaced. Hopefully I can be somewhat productive again today.

We're together in this until at least April 16th when the schools can reopen. Today is March 17th. A complete lock down of Germany might still happen. For how long is totally unclear? I need to make an inventory of the food and supplies in the house.

Nathan is great and developing. He's also starting to talk much more. And he even formed little sentences. It is however tough keeping him busy without simply turning on the TV. Worried what this is doing to his development?