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Johan Bové

Replied to a post on :

Hi Ryan, First of all, congratulations with your blog and gopher site / hole.

I discovered your writings just today on "republic". It's pretty cool how you managed to create and syndicate your notes and posts from Gopher to the WWW, and I was therefor wondering if you had heard of the Indieweb before? I think that on the wiki at you'll find lot of like-minded people and some introductions to indieweb tools likes webmentions and how to syndicate your content to other platforms if you wanted to.

In regard to "email tracking"; for commercial publishers this is their bread-and-butter, without knowing the statistics on how many readers and visitors their sites have, they can't convince new business to invest with them. So I'm afraid email tracking will be here for a long time still. Some publishers do offer a txt-only variant of their newsletters, and when they do, I opt in for that. And I avoid any tracking query parameters for any linked content.