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Johan Bové

Webmention DELETE testing with

2 min read

Testing if deleting a webmention works in Known.

The result of the quick test was successful:

Successful Tests
The mentions below have successfully passed the test! If you visit any of the links below, you should see an indication that the post was deleted.
    No Name
    Comment text not found
    The post did not provide a URL, using source instead

The Status as sent by the Known CMS:

Request URL:
Request method:GET
Remote address: ...
Status code: 410 Gone
Referrer Policy:no-referrer-when-downgrade

The Test

How to test is explained on this test:

This test verifies that you properly send Webmentions when you delete a post. You will pass this test when you send a Webmention to a URL that you had previously mentioned in a post.

  1. Write a post that links to this page, and send Webmentions for your post.
  2. Verify you see your post as "pending" on this page.
  3. Delete your post, and ensure that the post's URL is now returning HTTP 410 (or a meta http-equiv 410 status).
  4. Send a Webmention to this page again.

You should see your post listed here in the green "Successful Tests" section when complete.